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Which weighs more? A ton of plastic or a ton of feathers?

Did you know that in 1994 there was an average of 40lbs of plastic in a vehicle? In 2012 the average vehicle has over 400 lbs of plastic or composite material!

Aluminum is on the rise for vehicle construction. Some vehicles are completely made from aluminum. In the USA by 2017 there will possibly be a drastic shortage in aluminum due to the increased demand from the automotive industry. One aluminum maker, Novelis, is expanding the size of the main plant 3 times. Alcoa is also expanding it's facililty as well.

The age of vehicles that drive themselves is upon us. One manufacturer states that it will have autonomous vehicles by the end of the decade. One state in the US (Nevada) issued the first license for an autonomous vehicle in February, 2013. A pre curser for this technology is in vehicles today. Some vehicles have what's called "lane keeping assist" which actually applies counterforce to the vehicle and keeps the vehicle in the intended lane. This technology is compromised of cameras, sonar, radar, and many computers, modules and sensors.

Did you know that a trend starting in the United States by some insurance companies is that they are removing the value of the SRS components and the paint and materials out of the estimate? They are not lowering estimate dollar values, but reducing th ecost towards the total loss threshold. This would allow for a lot more repairable vehicles tha twere only written off due to high cost of components and materials... And keeping us in business and our partnership strong.

Do you think you are repairing them properly?

Toyota has a position statement indicating that you must re-calibrate the OCS module after ANY collision.

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