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Collision Repair Association of Nova Scotia
PO Box 31344, Halifax ,Nova Scotia, B3K 5Y5
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Check off one __________ Voting Membership Dues $295.00 (no HST)
Check off one __________ Associate Membership Dues $350.00 (no HST)
No Requirement for a CRANS Asociate Membership
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Requirement for a CRANS Voting membership
  • Comply with Provincial and local laws and regulations.
  • Have a valid garage keeper's liability insurance.
  • Prior to commencing repairs, furnish an itemized list for parts and service,which clearly identifies any
    new, used, repaired, remanufactured or after-market parts to be used.
  • Provide a detailed invoice upon completion of repairs.
  • Replace or restore the vehicle's,structural components to pre-accident condition with regard to fit and
    finish, integrity, durability and safety.
  • Have a four point clamping system to safely secure vehicles for structural repairs.
  • Have industry accepted measuring equipment capable of making three-dimensional measurments on
    unibody and non unibody vehicles.
  • Have mechanical electrical and/or hydraulic pulling equipment appropriate to repair.
  • Have the appropriate welding equipment.
  • Have the ability to safely raise the vehicle for inspection.
  • Utilize a paint application system capable of producing an Original Equipment Manufacturer's type finish.
  • Have a paint spray booth that complies with Provincial or local legislation.
  • Employ qualified technicians appropriate to the repairs subject to Provincial legislation.
  • Ensure ongoing appropriate and required training for employees determined through a CRANS
    Education Committee.
  • Provide and honour the required guarantees as they apply to Parts and Labour related to the repairs.

    If your business does not meet the above requirements you can apply for Associate Membership.
    VOTING MEMBERM ONLY I owner / manager (x) _____________________________________

    agree to abide by the constitution, any by-laws of the Collision Repair Association of Nova Scotia
    and declare that my establishment meets the above mentioned requirements.
    This day__________________________200____.

    With a Voting Membership your Company will become a registered member of the ATA, Automotive Trades Association of Atlantic Canada
    ATA membership is a $200.00 value.



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